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Simple Quick Gardening With Children

How to create a miniature garden for the children to get involved.

Give the children an area of their own.

Giving my child an area of her own in my garden makes me cry a little at the thought of the possibility of what the little horrors may conjure up. However letting children choose what to grow and be responsible for that can give them important life lessons without the intrusion of say, a large pet!

Lee Connelly, The Skinny Jean Gardener, suggests a 'washing up bowl allotment' which is a fantastic start for any beginner of all ages. firstly find old washing up bowl, or if life in lockdown has meant this is unavailable, used baked bean / soup tins, plastic tubs or boxes, old pots, even old boots, old boots are particularly good for recycling. Fill with compost, or garden soil if you cant get out the house, soil is filled with good bacteria and is already a perfect medium for planting veg in. Make sure your tub or old boot has holes in the bottom for drainage, these make shift pots can then be placed with a couple of chosen seeds in a sunny spot in the garden, the shady spot nobody likes isn't going to cut it i'm afraid.

Its easy, fun and really simple. The children can keep these watered and watch the plants grow every morning! i personally recommend salads, as they are fast, simple, can take a bit of punishment, they are also nice for the children to pick and eat straight from the plant.

Broad beans, runner beans and peas are also pretty tough and durable with a great crop for all the family.

Its also fun for the children to see the odd sunflower grow! Just stick two sunflower seeds in a sunny position, preferably where it will gain support, place the seed 1/2 inch in the soil and water. That's it.

With a smaller number of crops to grow the children have less to focus on which gives them time to learn about it and enjoy with no pressures of taking over the garden.

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